Employee Benefits

Protection & Road Assistance For 1099ers

Protection & Road Assistance For 1099ers covers important areas like ID Theft Protection, Global Travel Services and US Roadside Assistance. Make sure your covered at home, on the road and whilst travelling.

Protection & Road Assitance For 1099ers

ID Theft Protection

Identity theft and fraud restoration.

Credit activity monitoring and alerts.

Document replacement for social Security Cards and Birth Certificates.

Roadside Assistance

Nationwide coverage.

Roadside help for incidents like having a flat tire, running out of fuel, being locked out of a vehicle, flat battery, towing home and collision assistance.

Global Travel Services

Global medical assistance and evacuation.

Emergency travel arrangements

Translation services

Applies over 100 miles from home.

If you would like to have your own personalized company portal and offer these benefits to your workers contact us.

    Protection & Road Assistance For 1099ers can be arranged after 18th August 2023 when the personalized business portals become available.